Pokémon is the world's best selling card game (hold on...) and is loved the world over by kids and people who should no better.

Full of surprising depth for a "kids game" Pokémon lets you field all those legendaries you never managed to catch in Pokémon GO!

Regular events are:

Saturday Mornings: Kid-Friendly Pokemon Club


Yu-Gi-Oh! is the world's best selling card game (hang on this is getting silly now!) and full of ridiculously broken dragons and cfrazy trap cards.

An intense and quick-fire game that lends itself well to the competitive crowd.

Regular events are:

Saturday Afternoons: Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournaments and Casual Play

Magic: The Gathering

Magic is the world's best selling card game and is the quintessentially example of geeky cardboard crack :)

Wether it's for organised event or general casual play there's always something Magic related going on in the shop!

Regular events are:

Wednesday Nights: Constructed Tournaments

Friday Nights: FNM Booster Draft

Sundays: Commander Days